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It’s that time! Spring closet cleanout & making some extra money on Posh Mark💰

Who actually enjoys cleaning out their closet & organizing !? Honestly I don’t like to do it, but I feel much better once I do ! 🙂 I wanted to share a few things that have helped me recently & also have helped my previous hoarding issues, lol.

  1. Make 3 piles keeping, throwing away & donating , if your going to sell on posh mark make another pile for posh mark items.
  2. For what your going to keep…I want to add I would go with the 6 month rule & if you haven’t worn it since then mostly likely you wont wear it again. Sometimes I hold onto items longer that I should, so that is why I say that. I would also color coordinate; this has honestly helped me so much because if I know what color I am going to wear that day then I just go to that section in my closet. I do not hang everything! I mean I would need a HUGE closet for that lol. I only hang tops, sweaters, jackets, & dresses. Everything else is folded nice & neat ( Marie Kondo style). If you have space I would also put away things for other seasons that you wont be using right now in storage bins. Here are some links to some good storage options found at Target ;;;
  3. Throw away items should be items that are faded, torn , have stains or rips; obviously items that you wouldn’t want to donate or sell.
  4. Posh mark items to sell that are very popular are usually brand name items, but if they have tags still or are in excellent condition I would still try and sell it at least. You never know! Take good pictures of the items in good lighting; I take pictures of the front, back , side , any details , & the tag. I know not all of us are patient with selling online, lol. I’ve kept items for at least a month on there, but I don’t have a lot of storage space so that is why I like things to move along and if it doesn’t sell I just move on and donate. Posh mark does take a fee but overall I have made a good amount of money in the last couple of years so I do recommend it. The shipping is included so all you have to do is print your label, order your shipping boxes on the USPS website ( its for free! ) they deliver your packaging items. You just package your items tape the label and drop it off ! Its very easy 👍🏽
  5. Going forward what has helped me not over spend is seeing what I have and knowing what I really need versus me just wanting to buy something because its cute or what not.. us women tend to do that so much, excuse’s excuse’s, lol! 😆 I don’t buy too many trendy pieces because I believe I may not use them again so I try to buy items that are versatile. I know I will wear them over & over and I will be able to create different looks and wear them with different pieces in my closet. I also try to buy different colors that go well with my skin tone, so that I can have a range of colors to choose from so I am not wearing the same color all the time. Also you can say to yourself for example I have 10 dresses do I need another one? Depending on how many times you wear dresses in a month lets say.. do I need another? Let me see if I can sell or donate a few that I have so I can buy another. All I say is to be smart with your shopping. I think all of us can be impulsive when buying, so just want to share what has helped me.

Another quick tip👉🏼 if you don’t love something when you try it on don’t buy it. Right now a lot of stores are not doing try-on’s, but double check their return policy take it home try it on & if you don’t love it all the way take it back.

Thanks for visiting my blog & reading ! I appreciate it so much 🤗 Go ahead & comment below any tips you may have.

I have also shared my Posh Mark closet below for anyone who is interested, I will be adding more items soon: 👇🏽

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Prayer🙏🏽…faith & building a relationship with God

Do you have a hard time with your faith & with prayer?

This isn’t going to be a big religious post in anyway… I don’t like to push religion down anyone’s throat. Just want to share what has helped me on my journey & hopefully it can possibly help someone who is new to getting closer to God.

Really quick I was baptized Catholic & went to church when I was small, but I honestly didn’t start my relationship with God until about 7 years ago. I was in a dark place & a friend invited me to church & that was the beginning…I am grateful for that! My mom is a huge believer in God, so in the back of my mind that was always there but I think when your in middle school & high school if your not going to church or in groups it doesn’t stick or you tend to just go along with your group of friends or what not. I sometimes on certain occasions go with my mom to mass at a Catholic church when she asks me to go, but for the most part I now attend a Christian church.

Do you feel like you have to go to church every week to stay close to God? This is a good question.. I think if for some urgent reason you can’t make it sometimes its understandable, but I believe that the reason it is important to go in person is to come together with other people who believe just like you. I think being connected to a good church is very beneficial in a lot of different way’s; some have groups that can help with any issues your facing, classes, activities, and you can even donate items or your time. I would say if you can find a church that you love to attend get involved & go as much as you can.😉

This one might be a tough one to hear but you have to really read the bible…I would go to maybe the book store and look around for a bible that suits you or even browse Amazon for a good one. I originally bought a regular bible & I wrote in it & highlighted so much and tagged verses so I could go back to them at a later time. After a while I wanted a bible journal so I found this one (below) a couple years ago & I love it. If you haven’t read much of the bible I would start reading either Genesis, Proverbs or Psalm that is my opinion. You can also Pinterest or Google “where should I start reading the bible” but everyone has different opinions. I would say try to read a little every day or every other day, just make time even if its for a little bit and if you can write down verses that pop out to you on little index cards and carry them with you.

I bought some gel pens for my bible journal a few years back… if you decide to get one and need some gel pens these are a good price & have good reviews on Amazon;

My bible journal & gel pens

Try to either listen to podcast or watch church services online any time you have some free time & I always say if something a pastor says or a verse he is talking about speaks directly to you write it down if you can. I have a few favorite pastors that I follow; Steven Furtick (Elevation Church), Levi Lusko (Fresh Life Church),Greg Laurie (Harvest Church), & Real Talk Kim ( Limitless Church ). Go check them out trust me they are so wise & amazing. I heard this but not sure if it is true, research says it can take the human mind about 7-20 times to hear something in order to remember it.😲 Crazy lol… so you have to really be intentional about reading God’s word.

Try to build a relationship with people who are older, wiser or just even more mature in their faith. Talk to them & have conversations maybe they can help you realize things that you weren’t aware of, that has really helped me a lot. If you can trust them talk to them about what your dealing with & you can even ask them to pray for you as well; two is better than one! (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10)

Last but not least pray, pray & pray about everything! There is no right or wrong in how you pray just do it & the thing is God knows exactly what your thinking and where your heart is anyways. You can pray whenever; just waking up or even on your drive to work, at night… whenever you need too. God knows where you are in life & what your going through he is never surprised. God is good & only wants the best for your life but you have to really believe that no matter what comes. There is something our Pastor always says; God answers prayers in 3 ways; YES, NO & NOT NOW. If its a NO believe that he has something way bigger and greater around the corner, but you don’t realize it at the time because we are human & don’t understand how powerful God really is. We don’t see the whole picture because we are either struggling, sad, or upset.

To be honest God has not let me down since I’ve been following him in fact he has protected me from so much. I’ve had moments where I wasn’t sure what to believe just like everyone else or if there was light at the end of the tunnel. I have wondered certain things & still haven’t received answers as of yet, which I am finally okay with. For sure & no doubt about it he has given me so much strength & courage that people have asked me how are you still standing after everything you have gone through? How are you getting up everyday? GOD. He see’s the real us… I don’t lose sleep at night, my conscience is clear & I have a bold strong faith that cant be shaken.

REMEMBER NOTHING and NO ONE can take your blessings away & what God has set aside for you is for you period!

Thanks for reading🤍& comment below any tips you may have if you have been building a relationship with God or if your on your journey.

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Bling Bling… 10 Amazon accessories!💎

I hope everyone is doing good ! I wanted to share some great Amazon accessory finds… I love to save money any way I can, but I also don’t want to buy products that may break or not last too long. With that being said I am a little picky with fashion jewelry.

  1. Large initial sideways necklace– I owned this one for a while & I really loved it. It looks super cute when layered with other delicate necklaces. It did last for about a year until it broke when it got caught on something 😑

2. Dainty small initial necklace– This one I’ve had for a really long time but don’t wear it too often anymore. I think the quality is good but the initial is very small. I wanted to share because I know not everyone loves larger necklaces some people do like small and simple.

3. Zodiac coin necklace– If you like zodiac sign jewelry this is a good buy. This necklace is very cute not cheap looking… not sure how long it will last but for $11.99 that is a good deal!

4. Gold plated ear crawler– Great earrings & really good reviews go and check them out🙌. Not sure how long they hold up but definitely worth trying out for the price. They come in rose gold, white gold & yellow gold.

5. Gold plated stackable eternity band– This one is my most recent purchases and I love it ! I shared it on my instagram so if your not following me there please do! I am crossing my fingers it lasts, it’s so pretty in person. Bling, bling lol! It comes with the velvet bag in the picture. I read through the reviews & I highly recommend this one. The cool thing is it’s stackable so if your style is that then get two 😉 Its a bulky ring FYI, so it might be awkward if your not use to bulkier rings but I think after a while its not noticeable.

6. Gold bold initial letter open ring adjustable– This one is on my list to buy, if you have this can you comment below what you think & your review on it? I am interested to know. Its very gold so I am not sure if its too much, lol.

7. Cross Necklace– This one is also on my list, I want the the black color 1″ It says its for men but I see women wearing it under the reviews so I think it should be fine for either or. It also comes in silver & gold. I am not sure if I can ever have enough cross necklaces! Lol, one day I will invest in a diamond one. ✝

8. Adjustable crystal initial ring– Super cute & a great price! Reviews are also very good ..

9. Cross ring– This one has different options; a bow , infinity sign , & a cross. I want the cross option but right now they are out of my size so I will have to wait on it.

10. Double cross ring– I want this one in rose gold! You can never have too many cross accessories, right!? The pictures & reviews are 👌🏽👍🏽

I wanted to also share some good tips for fashion jewelry care:

  1. Storage is VERY important; Store in either a zip lock bag but make sure you take all the air out fist before you close tightly. In a velvet bag or you can even purchase anti tarnish prevention bags; I will link some amazon one’s

2. Don’t wash dishes with your jewelry on

3. Don’t wear them in the pool or spa

4. Don’t put lotion or perfume on with your jewelry on

5. Don’t use jewelry cleaner I would just use a cloth and wipe it them down

That is all for now 🤍 once I purchase the other one’s I will come back with more reviews. Thanks for reading & visiting my blog. If you have any of these comment below I would love to hear your review, or if you are going to buy let me know.