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Seasons of Life

When we think of the phrase “Seasons of life” we may think of the word CHANGES which maybe either a positive or negative word for some depending on where you are in your life. It is very important to remember that without change we cannot grow! We all have a sense of fear when life doesn’t go the way we planned it. This is especially true if your a more structured person who loves to have everything planned out. As one of these people ( lol ) who loves a schedule and doesn’t really love change, I have come to realize this is possibly the most uncomfortable time but the best space to grow, set more goals, push through & come out stronger. Every time you look back on your life and see what you have gone through and overcame you start to feel a sense of strength with is very powerful. As a woman we should feel powerful no matter our circumstance whether we are married or single with or without kids pretty much in any situation. When we push through every obstacle you definitely start to have a little more faith in yourself and in your future. On the flip side it can sound or be a little depressing if your saying “my season is the worst , I’ve been struggling you don’t understand” it might feel as though there isn’t anything positive to look forward to, but it is best to remember that every situation is temporary and if you embrace the good parts even if they look small and far fetched. Once you start to focus on those and change your perspective you will start see things differently. I especially feel if your kids ( if your a mom ) see you doing this they will too know that whatever life throws at them they can overcome it, and they will be okay and that is an important lesson for them to learn. Sometimes we keep things bottled up because we are embarrassed of what we are going through but if you maybe reach out to friends , family, even co workers you never know what someone may be going through and you may end up helping each other! I read this quote a while back…

” Never be embarrassed to struggle there is absolutely no shame in working hard to get where you want to be. God turns brokenness into BEAUTY” and it is so very true! If you stay in fear , embarrassed , and depressed you will never be able to achieve your goals because you will stay stuck in that broken mentality. Take some YOU time no matter how busy you are. Find a hobby, exercise, take care and love yourself so that you are prepared to deal with whatever comes 🙂

As a woman and mother it is important to recharge your mind , body and soul. Stay faithful , stay in prayer and remember your good enough to smash your goals big or small and come out of any situation better than you were before. GOD wants to bless you ! Please feel free to comment if you have any tips or helpful outlets that you have used that would help other readers who may be struggling.

Some ideas for self care :

  • A quick bath with some bath bombs, some music or even a book
  • Buying a coffee or tea & taking a quick shopping trip to your favorite store you don’t need to spend hundreds unless you can 😉
  • Playing some worship or upbeat happy music
  • Reading your bible or devotional
  • Taking a walk even around the block
  • Write in your journal

Some great devotionals : Links below!

Fun bath bombs: