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Nails .. since Co-vid 🙄😊

During this whole pandemic when we were on lock down and everything closed.. the last thing that would be open was a Nail Salon , right ? lol. Which wasn’t the end of the world but for some it seemed like it. I mean it is a guilty pleasure and the majority of women love to go get their manicures and pedicures. It’s a time to unwind, relax and make time for ourselves & get away a bit from our busy lives. Truth, right?

I started getting the dip powder done at my local salon about a year or two ago. I tried it out and loved it since it last about 3 weeks on my nails and rarely chips. It is pretty sturdy as I use my hands a lot. When everything went on lock down I was trying to find the best affordable way to have my nails looking good and healthy. I tried using regular polish and let me say its pretty hard with having kids and using my hands a lot. You have to be super patient during drying time 😣 (the worst! ). I was at Target one day and found these strips Dashing Diva ( $6.99) I thought I would give them a try. I am so glad I did !! Each package comes with 34 strips so you can use them more than once and you can mix and match with other colors and create your own look! They really are the best as far as being durable, options , colors and being so affordable. I think it takes a few tries to get the hang of it but overall they are so cute , its been months and I am still using them. They last about 2 even 3 weeks for me also FYI.. each package comes with their own file to file down the remaining strip. I have purchased from their website and they are always doing sales or promotions & free shipping over $15. They sell them at Walmart , Ulta and I believe Sally’s Beauty Supply. I would recommend them highly for a busy mom who wants to save some money, I haven’t gone back to the salon since.

I use the products above when I do my own manicure , they can be found at Target or even Amazon. I highly recommend the Seche Vive top coat since that is super drying and it does make the strips last longer. Amazon has a 2 pack for $9.99 !

Sally Hanson cuticle remover;

Dashing Diva at Ulta; ( they have some good options )

Tips when using the strips:

  • Make sure you nails are dry so the strip can adhere
  • Press down pretty firmly during the process
  • Be careful to not put it too close or over the cuticle or the strip will lift
  • Use the top coat when you first put them on and about a week after to keep them fresh
  • Be patient and practice !
Let me know if you have used these or will use them ? Also if your back in your salon now ?