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Our mini road trip getaway to Palm Springs, Ca!🚗 🌴

Hey! I hope everyone is doing well ❤ Took myself & my boys to a mini getaway before summer is over & we had a really good time minus the weather ,lol!😓 Let me tell you…it was I believe 109 degrees or more at some point. Its been a minute since I’ve been in that type of weather so I was struggling haha 😂but I always want to make it a point to make it fun for my kids. I like to make the best of any situation.

I ended up booking us at the Omni Rancho Las Palmas resort all of us loved it! It was so much fun & the resort is actually very big. The family pool area is amazing , they have a lazy river , water splash zone, slides & a family pool which only goes up to 4 ft so it’s perfect for families & smaller kids. FYI the water is warm not cold at all. They also have an adult pool that goes up to 8ft just across from the family area which is pretty cool. Right now they try to keep capacity limited due to Covid, so they give out wrist bands for morning part of the day and for afternoon part. Since we went and it wasn’t overly busy the front desk person said we would be able to go all day the days we were there so it worked out. They also do cleaning of the pools twice a day so they close for an hour (everyone has to leave but can come back afterwards). There is a grill right next to the family area which is pretty good and you can order your food and they will bring it to you. Obviously it is a bit pricey but what resort wouldn’t be? Right ? They also have a Cafe which is sort of like a Starbucks and there drinks are very good & they have a restaurant as well. They definitely make it easy to not leave the resort!😉 From home I did bring breakfast muffins for us and snacks; healthy ones and not healthy lol. I also brought a lot of drinks; water , ice teas & some coke zeros for me. They also had an ice machine downstairs from our hotel area so that worked perfect so we had cold drinks the whole time. The room had a balcony , and the size was perfect for me and my boys. My oldest is 16 so he slept on the sofa bed and he said it was fine and comfortable. My youngest who is 9 slept on the king size bed with me and we had more than enough room👍🏽 Quick question … who else has issues with getting their teens to take pictures ? My oldest is usually ok with pics but on this trip he just wasn’t having it 😑 I think he just wasn’t good with the weather but while he was in the water he was smiling and laughing and having a good ol’ time. These teenage years are no joke, but phew at least I was able to sneak some videos and pics..

Front of Resort

Overall we had so much fun😎 I am so grateful I was able to take this mini getaway & make memories with my boys .. the lazy river & slide was our favorite part! We definitely want to come back but not during the middle or end of summer. My kids already made that clear to me, lol!

We did end up going to downtown when we got there because I wanted to check out this brunch place that I saw on TikTok. I don’t know about anyone else but does TikTok make you want to check out food places or what ?! 😂 So we went to Wilma + Frieda’s Cafe and it was delicious! Definitely go check this place out if you can. The Blackberry French toast was the best thing we ordered, but my youngest loved the churro waffle. After we ate I heard about a Marilyn Monroe statue that they made that was near by, it was so hot but I wanted to check out & WOW it was huge and so beautiful! I am a big fan if Marilyn Monroe I love her movies & she was definitely a beauty icon. We took some amazing pictures and I was honestly glad we checked it out, I have a love for the old Hollywood era it just is so iconic to me.

The day we headed back home we ended up checking out another restaurant; El Patio. This one was a Mexican restaurant it is so cute the whole vibe was very cool, I loved the decor! I also thought the food was delicious and pretty close to authentic. I would 100% go back, my boys loved it also. 👌🏽

Thanks for stopping by and reading🤍 Feel free to comment below if you have checked this resort out or any of these restaurants or if you have any questions😊

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Summer 2021 ! Vacation time ! Making memories with my boys… 🚘🌞

Hi! I hope everyone is doing well & enjoying their summer so far.

We went on our first summer vacation last week & we had so much fun ! We stayed 4 nights in Santa Barbara, CA & we visited the cities around as well. We stayed at the Best Western Inn Santa Barbara, the room was very nice & staff was accommodating. The pool & jacuzzi were okay in size, when we arrived it looked very busy and crowded but overall it was fine. They even had washer and dryer to wash clothing if you needed too. Our suite had a fully stocked kitchen so you could cook and a fridge , coffee maker, microwave, & table to eat at. We did make breakfast every morning so we could save some money and we brought a lot of snacks which worked really well.

Traffic was a little heavy so we ended up going to downtown Santa Barbara the first day we arrived & just ate dinner and stayed local. We walked around , they have a lot of shops and food places to check out. We tried this gelato place that was so delicious😋 it was called Tondi Gelato and I highly recommend it!!

This romper is one of my favorite pieces & these Target sandals are amazing! Links… (romper) ( sandals)
My boys ❤ ; (right) My youngest son’s Jaws graphic tee from Target ( is super cute , he loved it!

The next day we ended up driving to Solvang which was about 1 hour or so away , and this place is so cute! The small downside was it was extremely hot , lol it was 97 degrees! It did get a bit cooler through out the day but we made it and I loved it and my boys really liked it as well. It is much bigger than I thought… you can definitely spend the whole day there. They have these pancakes that we were told were so good but we ended up forgetting to go back and getting those so we bought their famous butter cookies which are 👌🏽 We also rented these Moke electric cars to drive around the town and they were so much fun! Its $49 an hour and seats 4 people and has blue tooth to play your music while your driving around town. If you go you definitely have to rent these😉

The following day we visited San Luis Obispo. I found they had so many shops , food and even bars. I think they have a lot of spots for college kids, but I still enjoyed it and my kids did as well. We checked out the bubblegum alley which was gross but also cool, lol. Its always nice to check out new places and have those memories. I always remind my kids that the memories and experience are so important and if you dont try or go new places you wont know if you like it. We shopped this super cute boutique and I found the cutest romper and the prices weren’t too bad. I love to go into these shops because they have items that you don’t find in the bigger more popular stores. We also ate at this Italian restaurant that was AMAZING it was called Giuseppe’s Cucina Rustica I definitely would recommend this place 100%! We were going to go to Pismo Beach but it was super foggy that day so we headed home.

This top from Aerie is so soft and comfortable (

The rest of the trip we hung out by the pool & jacuzzi & had so much fun. We also ended our last night going to dinner at this seafood place called The Drunken Crab ( similar to The Boiling Crab) in downtown Santa Barbara and it was so yummy! Another place I would recommend 😁👍🏽

I feel blessed and happy I was able to take my boys on this trip & that we were able to get a way for a bit and enjoy time together. We have more plans for this summer so hopefully I will be posting more on my blog.

Thanks for stopping by and supporting 🤍any questions or comments feel free to post below 👇🏼

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Our mini day trip to Los Angeles Hollywood & visiting the Funko store !

I hope everyone is doing well & had a good weekend!😁 I wanted to share our mini day trip to Los Angeles, CA. We had so much fun & I highly recommend going to check out the Funko Hollywood store if you haven’t yet. 🙌🏽

The line…

I would suggest you get there early possibly before they open , we arrived at 10:20 am & they opened at 10:00 am & the line was already wrapped around the side of the street. We waited about 2 hours so that is why I say to show up early. You have to wear your masks at all times inside, but to be honest the wait was definitely worth it my son loved it & so did his friend! We had so much fun, & took so many pictures. It was like a museum! They have everything sectioned off in a great way so its easy to find what your looking for & each regular Funko pop is $11.00 & the movie edition ones were $30, I believe they also have some other special edition one’s which I think were $15.00, so prices are fair.

A few feet away from the Funko store

My favorite sections would have to be the horror section ; I am a HUGE horror movie fan, so I thought this section was super cool & actually really cute 😆 and the old school section ( not sure if that is what you would call it) it had a lot of old school looking McDonald’s toys (not sure if anyone remembers those chicken nugget toys or the hamburglar? Lol) the Flintstones, Gumby, just so many of those old school characters! I also thought it was cool that they had a little Stranger Things section . who else loves this show? I thought the Dustin Funko was so adorable ! 🥰 They also sell other little accessories; Pez, Wallets, Backpacks, etc. Next time my oldest isn’t with his dad we might have to take another trip and go back, I think he would also like it a lot.

My Jason keychain 🖤

I would definitely take sunscreen & put some on before you go just in case your waiting a long time, I ended up burnt on my chest. It did not feel too hot but the sun was hitting us & I did not notice until after the fact.

We ended up eating at this Mexican flea market, I believe its off of Olympic, but I am not 100% sure since I was not driving. I think my friend’s were looking for a food truck they saw on Tik Tok but those trucks usually start selling at night. This flea market was cool it reminded me of Tijuana, Mexico if you have been there then you know what I’m talking about. The only thing I noticed that things were expensive , the food was very pricey for what it was. I don’t like to be super picky with food, but the only thing we ordered that I thought was good were the quesadillas & the Agua Fresca’s. So I would go back to shop & look around, but probably not to eat. I found these super adorable Cantarito’s with the Loteria images painted on them , they were so well made! I wanted to buy a good amount of them, but I only ended up getting one 😐 they were $7 but she sold them to us for $6. She had most of the images from the card game, they were all different colors and as you can see they are very good quality. I will definitely be making some Margaritas or drinking some wine with ice 😋

We also visited The Grove , there isn’t too many stores to shop at but I do like that they have a grass area, live music & a trolley. Its been a long while since I have been there, the kids played we grabbed some coffee and just enjoyed the rest of the afternoon before we headed home. Seeing my son’s happy face, being able to spend time with people we care about & making memories honestly makes me feel complete.

I appreciate you reading & visiting my page. 🤍

Comment below what you think if you have gone to the Funko store or any places you love in this area, I love to check out new places!