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Our mini road trip getaway to Palm Springs, Ca!🚗 🌴

Hey! I hope everyone is doing well ❤ Took myself & my boys to a mini getaway before summer is over & we had a really good time minus the weather ,lol!😓 Let me tell you…it was I believe 109 degrees or more at some point. Its been a minute since I’ve been in that type of weather so I was struggling haha 😂but I always want to make it a point to make it fun for my kids. I like to make the best of any situation.

I ended up booking us at the Omni Rancho Las Palmas resort all of us loved it! It was so much fun & the resort is actually very big. The family pool area is amazing , they have a lazy river , water splash zone, slides & a family pool which only goes up to 4 ft so it’s perfect for families & smaller kids. FYI the water is warm not cold at all. They also have an adult pool that goes up to 8ft just across from the family area which is pretty cool. Right now they try to keep capacity limited due to Covid, so they give out wrist bands for morning part of the day and for afternoon part. Since we went and it wasn’t overly busy the front desk person said we would be able to go all day the days we were there so it worked out. They also do cleaning of the pools twice a day so they close for an hour (everyone has to leave but can come back afterwards). There is a grill right next to the family area which is pretty good and you can order your food and they will bring it to you. Obviously it is a bit pricey but what resort wouldn’t be? Right ? They also have a Cafe which is sort of like a Starbucks and there drinks are very good & they have a restaurant as well. They definitely make it easy to not leave the resort!😉 From home I did bring breakfast muffins for us and snacks; healthy ones and not healthy lol. I also brought a lot of drinks; water , ice teas & some coke zeros for me. They also had an ice machine downstairs from our hotel area so that worked perfect so we had cold drinks the whole time. The room had a balcony , and the size was perfect for me and my boys. My oldest is 16 so he slept on the sofa bed and he said it was fine and comfortable. My youngest who is 9 slept on the king size bed with me and we had more than enough room👍🏽 Quick question … who else has issues with getting their teens to take pictures ? My oldest is usually ok with pics but on this trip he just wasn’t having it 😑 I think he just wasn’t good with the weather but while he was in the water he was smiling and laughing and having a good ol’ time. These teenage years are no joke, but phew at least I was able to sneak some videos and pics..

Front of Resort

Overall we had so much fun😎 I am so grateful I was able to take this mini getaway & make memories with my boys .. the lazy river & slide was our favorite part! We definitely want to come back but not during the middle or end of summer. My kids already made that clear to me, lol!

We did end up going to downtown when we got there because I wanted to check out this brunch place that I saw on TikTok. I don’t know about anyone else but does TikTok make you want to check out food places or what ?! 😂 So we went to Wilma + Frieda’s Cafe and it was delicious! Definitely go check this place out if you can. The Blackberry French toast was the best thing we ordered, but my youngest loved the churro waffle. After we ate I heard about a Marilyn Monroe statue that they made that was near by, it was so hot but I wanted to check out & WOW it was huge and so beautiful! I am a big fan if Marilyn Monroe I love her movies & she was definitely a beauty icon. We took some amazing pictures and I was honestly glad we checked it out, I have a love for the old Hollywood era it just is so iconic to me.

The day we headed back home we ended up checking out another restaurant; El Patio. This one was a Mexican restaurant it is so cute the whole vibe was very cool, I loved the decor! I also thought the food was delicious and pretty close to authentic. I would 100% go back, my boys loved it also. 👌🏽

Thanks for stopping by and reading🤍 Feel free to comment below if you have checked this resort out or any of these restaurants or if you have any questions😊

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📘 Keep them reading! More kid’s book finds

I hope everyone is doing well ! Is anyone else on Spring break ? My kids are just finishing up their spring break, it seems like they enjoyed it even though we did not plan a trip or vacation. We still stayed busy and had a lot of fun. 😁

I wanted to come on and share more books that I have found for my youngest son ( he is 9 years old). His reading level has gone up significantly, so I am super proud of him & want to keep him interested and happy to read. I took him to pick out some newer books and also bought him some for Easter as a part of his Easter gift.

All linked below 🙂

The Scary Stories to tell in the dark are a very old series from 1981; Who else can remember these? I loved them growing up & was so excited to see it being created into a movie, it came out a few years ago and to tell you the truth I am super sad I still haven’t seen it!! Being a HUGE horror movie fan I’m super upset with myself, lol but this blog isn’t about that so lets move on… I bought these for my son since he asked for them for his birthday last year and he has finished two of them, so he only has the 3rd one to finish. They seemed scarier than I remember so I was a little scared he would have bad dreams, but he was fine and he really has enjoyed them so far.

He ended up picking out a few Who is? / What was? books ( I really love these books for kids ) he chose What is the Story of Frankenstein? he personally didn’t like it as much as he thought he would, so I wouldn’t highly recommend that one, but I still wanted to share it. He really enjoyed the What is the Civil rights movement? book; he is so interested in that era. He also has so many Martin Luther King books he likes history which is awesome👍🏽

The new ones we just picked up for Easter are:

Who was John F Kennedy? , he started this one and so far really likes it a lot.

We have yet to read; Who was Selena ? & Who was Lucille Ball?

Inside of the Who Was Selena? book
Inside of the What was the civil rights movement?

I know it can be hard to get children to read, I try to have him read 20-30 minutes a day Monday to Thursday. Sometimes longer and sometimes an extra day it really depends, I always have him read out loud. I think its super important so that if there is a word he doesn’t understand I can explain it to him and help him sound it out or say it correctly. I don’t want him to just be reading but to also understand. Also try to ask them about what they read to make sure they are remembering what they are reading. I think once you have them on a schedule and keep going they get used to it & they end up liking it more especially if they are reading books that interest them.

Thanks for reading! Also if your not already follow me on Instagram.😉

Comment below with any books your kids like to read.

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Being a young mom & parenting a teenager ♥

I’m sure you heard the phrase terrible twos many times, but they never tell you how difficult it can be to raise a teenager. The mood swings, the back talk & the attitude! 😑Oh geez I wish they would have told me before how this was gonna go, lol. I think as your kids get older it’s only a different phase but I don’t think parenting gets easier , who agrees? It’s all just different chapters and you have to find different ways to tackle each situation as it comes. There is no perfect child and there is no perfect parent but we owe them the very best of ourselves if we decided to bring them into the world. After my son was born all my friends were going out and partying and they had every right to we were young. I made a decision that I needed to be responsible for my son and make the right choices. I’ve been told I have somewhat of an old soul and I do believe that as I never was into drinking , smoking , partying. Don’t get me wrong I love to have fun, love to laugh I would say I am pretty funny.😉 I love listening to music and dancing is one of my favorite things to do but I think there is a healthy balance and limit to all that. I occasionally have a drink or two but life is so much more than that in my opinion. There is this quote that stuck out to me from a very long time ago “ Raise children that don’t have to recover from their childhood” which has been my goal. We have so many adults walking around today with unhealed trauma and they are projecting that onto their husbands/wives and even children and that leads to more trauma and more pain for generations to come.

I was 19 when I became pregnant with my older son and my parents were livid to say the least as they didn’t want that for me. At the time I didn’t think of the future , I was naive and I would say some if not most young people think only in the moment. I ended up getting married without knowing what a real marriage consisted of and back then it seemed like the right thing to do since we had a child together. The marriage only last about a year and my son never was able to experience a family ( me and his dad together) I know now that their are a lot of families like this, but it did hurt my heart for a very long time as all I wanted was my son to have a family. I would love to say that it never affected him but now that he is older we have spoken and he doesn’t remember us being together and he is fine because this is all he knows but deep down I’m sure it has hurt him at times. The positive part of things was that he has always had a good set of grandparents his dads, and my parents who have always been there as the greatest support system. All 4 of them love him so much and he is the first grand baby so he gets a lot of love. Co-parenting wasn’t always easy ( that probably should get its own blog post , lol) but now that I’m older and I have my faith and relationship with God I’ve dealt with all those feelings of “mom guilt “ and honestly things really turned out the way they were supposed to I wouldn’t change a thing. What I do want to say is anytime someone asks me for advice.. I say don’t rush to have kids with anyone and my opinion is to wait until your married and do things the right way. You definitely don’t want to bring kids into the world with the wrong person or someone you don’t really know that well and everyone suffer for your choices. This is happening every day and you want your kids to see there mother and father really LOVE, APPRECIATE and RESPECT each other with actions not just words. No home is perfect but; respect = love and that is evident in a healthy home. It will affect your kids and how they treat who they end up with in the future.

He is going to start driving soon and working god willing so I am a bit nervous 🤔but again it’s another stage of life and it’s important for him to start being responsible. He is a young man and needs to experience certain situations so that he can learn how to face them. As parents we can’t always save them even if we want to and they have to learn how to face life on their own.

My son will be 16 in a few weeks and I get more emotional as he gets older. He is an amazing kid, he has good grades, he is so kind hearted, he is great to his brother and I am so grateful and blessed because I know things haven’t always been easy for him. He obviously is not perfect! Lol he has his challenges.. I think this year is one of the hardest. It has been difficult with the pandemic as he has gone full online schooling and there is no interacting in person. Kids and teenagers really need to be interacting and socializing. It’s very unhealthy for the mind to be cooped up … so I do have him do work outs at home, take walks, and try to stay busy productively. He was into basketball when he was younger but not as much anymore. He likes to draw so finding hobbies is a good idea too. The video games tend to drive me a little crazy I don’t mind it for a bit but these kids want to play all day! It’s too much & I feel like the phones can be a problem too for anyone’s mental state. You have to unplug and regroup even us adults should be doing that.

Time goes by too fast I feel as though I blinked and he is 2 years away from being 18! I think back on all our memories together. Some other advice I would give is to spend as much time as you can with your kids even if your a working mom. I know it’s hard trust me I’ve worked since I was 16 and never stopped… I only have ever been off work when I was on maternity leave. I’m a hustler! Lol but anyway try to stay in the moment with them as much as you can. I know life is hard and It’s even harder as a single mom if your going through this your not alone and I am sending you lots of hugs and positive prayers and vibes💞. If your having a hard day or going through something emotional suppress those feelings while your with your kids if you can because they can feel your vibes and your energy they are more in tune than you think. Once they are in bed cry it out, talk with a family member/ friend, and have some self care time and then regroup.

Are you a parent of a teenager or a single mom? What is the hardest part for you ?

Comment below with any advice !