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Keeping your kids busy .. on a budget !

Doesn’t every mom want to save some money ? With Covid and everything shutting down I think us mom’s and a lot of families were in a tough place trying to find things to do and ways to keep everyone busy and entertained. Doing something other than being on screens and stuck in the house. My two boys have an age gap, one is 15 the other is 9 so they get along most of the time, lol. I really mean MOST! I think all siblings have their moments… my oldest sometimes would give me a hard time with certain activities but at the end of the day I am the boss, right ? Lol.

We really had fun and enjoyed doing sidewalk chalk , I would look up ideas on Pinterest or Google and we would just talk and draw and be outside in the backyard or front yard. The kids seemed to have a good time, I bought a bucket at Target and it really lasted us a long time and once that ran out I ordered some from Amazon. With these winter months you may not be able to go outside, but it all depends on where you live. I am in California so honestly we haven’t seen much of Fall or Winter yet. Its like come on we are waiting!

Another good idea would be to find a trail that is possibly a bit long with some good scenery, and maybe pack a lunch. This is a good work out for everyone and you can get out of the house and get some fresh air.

We enjoyed mostly going to the park a lot of times we would set up under the trees bring lunch or buy lunch , fruit , snacks, and drinks. The picnic blanket I bought from Target is washable, and very inexpensive. Ill be keeping it a while, I used it for the beach many times this summer so I love it. My boys love basketball so I would pick a park that has a court so they could play. I also bought little games from Target and or Walmart that were not expensive that we could use for months to come. The bean bag toss game I bought at Target is probably one of our favorites , it is a bit heavy but honestly it seems sturdy enough to last a while and it wasn’t expensive. It was from their summer line so it isn’t available anymore but Amazon has some like the one below.

Lastly I love to do arts & crafts ever since my kids were both small I enjoy doing them all together. Recently I found Michael’s sells different size canvas packs for painting’s and I thought this was very affordable and it seemed fun. They always have deals and coupons on their site that you can use in store. I bought the smaller size canvas so the kids don’t get overwhelmed doing a huge painting, it was $9.99 or $10.99 for 10 of them. The acrylic paints were about $.75 cents each I just get the regular colors but they have satin, matte , and even metallic so whichever you can chose the price does change a bit. The good thing is you wont use the whole bottle so store them and use them next time and each time you can get different color paints so it doesn’t feel like your spending so much. I decided for us to do Thanksgiving paintings since its right around the corner.. my 9 year old is into Among us the game , anyone else’s kids love that game? Honestly I’ve played and I do like it , lol. These paints do dry pretty fast so you can free hand it or use a pencil to sketch before you paint like I did for my son , he wanted to do an Among us pilgrim character. I just did a Turkey idea I found. 😁

Time spent is priceless to your kids & being present is so important. Being on a budget sometimes makes it hard to find fun interactive things to do especially in the times we are living…everything is so expensive! Comment & let me know what you do with your kids 😉