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Prayer🙏🏽…faith & building a relationship with God

Do you have a hard time with your faith & with prayer?

This isn’t going to be a big religious post in anyway… I don’t like to push religion down anyone’s throat. Just want to share what has helped me on my journey & hopefully it can possibly help someone who is new to getting closer to God.

Really quick I was baptized Catholic & went to church when I was small, but I honestly didn’t start my relationship with God until about 7 years ago. I was in a dark place & a friend invited me to church & that was the beginning…I am grateful for that! My mom is a huge believer in God, so in the back of my mind that was always there but I think when your in middle school & high school if your not going to church or in groups it doesn’t stick or you tend to just go along with your group of friends or what not. I sometimes on certain occasions go with my mom to mass at a Catholic church when she asks me to go, but for the most part I now attend a Christian church.

Do you feel like you have to go to church every week to stay close to God? This is a good question.. I think if for some urgent reason you can’t make it sometimes its understandable, but I believe that the reason it is important to go in person is to come together with other people who believe just like you. I think being connected to a good church is very beneficial in a lot of different way’s; some have groups that can help with any issues your facing, classes, activities, and you can even donate items or your time. I would say if you can find a church that you love to attend get involved & go as much as you can.😉

This one might be a tough one to hear but you have to really read the bible…I would go to maybe the book store and look around for a bible that suits you or even browse Amazon for a good one. I originally bought a regular bible & I wrote in it & highlighted so much and tagged verses so I could go back to them at a later time. After a while I wanted a bible journal so I found this one (below) a couple years ago & I love it. If you haven’t read much of the bible I would start reading either Genesis, Proverbs or Psalm that is my opinion. You can also Pinterest or Google “where should I start reading the bible” but everyone has different opinions. I would say try to read a little every day or every other day, just make time even if its for a little bit and if you can write down verses that pop out to you on little index cards and carry them with you.

I bought some gel pens for my bible journal a few years back… if you decide to get one and need some gel pens these are a good price & have good reviews on Amazon;

My bible journal & gel pens

Try to either listen to podcast or watch church services online any time you have some free time & I always say if something a pastor says or a verse he is talking about speaks directly to you write it down if you can. I have a few favorite pastors that I follow; Steven Furtick (Elevation Church), Levi Lusko (Fresh Life Church),Greg Laurie (Harvest Church), & Real Talk Kim ( Limitless Church ). Go check them out trust me they are so wise & amazing. I heard this but not sure if it is true, research says it can take the human mind about 7-20 times to hear something in order to remember it.😲 Crazy lol… so you have to really be intentional about reading God’s word.

Try to build a relationship with people who are older, wiser or just even more mature in their faith. Talk to them & have conversations maybe they can help you realize things that you weren’t aware of, that has really helped me a lot. If you can trust them talk to them about what your dealing with & you can even ask them to pray for you as well; two is better than one! (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10)

Last but not least pray, pray & pray about everything! There is no right or wrong in how you pray just do it & the thing is God knows exactly what your thinking and where your heart is anyways. You can pray whenever; just waking up or even on your drive to work, at night… whenever you need too. God knows where you are in life & what your going through he is never surprised. God is good & only wants the best for your life but you have to really believe that no matter what comes. There is something our Pastor always says; God answers prayers in 3 ways; YES, NO & NOT NOW. If its a NO believe that he has something way bigger and greater around the corner, but you don’t realize it at the time because we are human & don’t understand how powerful God really is. We don’t see the whole picture because we are either struggling, sad, or upset.

To be honest God has not let me down since I’ve been following him in fact he has protected me from so much. I’ve had moments where I wasn’t sure what to believe just like everyone else or if there was light at the end of the tunnel. I have wondered certain things & still haven’t received answers as of yet, which I am finally okay with. For sure & no doubt about it he has given me so much strength & courage that people have asked me how are you still standing after everything you have gone through? How are you getting up everyday? GOD. He see’s the real us… I don’t lose sleep at night, my conscience is clear & I have a bold strong faith that cant be shaken.

REMEMBER NOTHING and NO ONE can take your blessings away & what God has set aside for you is for you period!

Thanks for reading🤍& comment below any tips you may have if you have been building a relationship with God or if your on your journey.

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“As I see It” by: Cathe Laurie ✨ a book review…

The author is the wife of Pastor Greg Laurie who is the senior pastor at Harvest Church. I have watched their online services and they both are amazing speakers if you get a chance watch them.

I love this book , the fact that she wrote it geared towards women and on a biblical perspective is awesome. I go back to it a few times a month or whenever I need encouragement. I have certain favorite pages booked marked. A friend gave it to me years ago & I’ve had it on my dresser next to my bed ever since. It has honestly helped me through a lot of difficult times, & I think it would be a great Christmas gift for any woman! Link below 😊

I really love the whole book, but I wanted to share the chapters that stood out to me and really helped me.

In #24 She speaks of a unfaithful spouse and how that relates to being unfaithful to God. It’s so true we may fool others with our deception, but that God is not convinced. In times like these I do believe that people think their sins go un-noticed to God or that they can just continue to sin & not have consequences. Or that they may have to come clean at some point and repent. Coming clean and confessing is one thing but repenting that is on a whole other level, that is actually putting in the work to not commit that sin again. Yes we are all sinners but do we just say “Oh well” and keep living life and continue making the same mistakes and doing the same un Godly actions? Or do we stand up and make that change to live right and obey God?

#25 She writes about the book of Pslams which are a passionate expression of grief and sorrow. I recommend reading it if you haven’t already. She says we should deal with our emotions by praying them honestly to God , he isn’t easily shocked and he sees your entire life. God knows where you are in life and what is going on. You may be surprised to look at your life and where you are at this moment but God isn’t. She says to set aside a time to pray and be specific to God, & ask him what you need. I think we all are so busy in life but even if its waking up laying for a few minutes before you get out of bed or on your drive to work this is enough time to pray and speak to God and pour it all out .

#49 She talks about remembering the scriptures and letting them speak to us. In Jeremiah 12:5 he was in a tough place…he was lonely, his family had forsaken him, he had been rejected , humiliated , roughed up, and jailed in solitary confinement. I am sure anyone would be complaining just a little in this situation, but Jeremiah let the word of God challenge & strengthen him. Are we doing that when we are going through a hard time? I have a note section in my phone where I do keep verses that stick out to me, so they are ready to open and read when I need a reminder or some encouragement and don’t have my bible.

#68 Says no matter what happens in our lives or in the world , God’s goodness never changes. We need to remember this daily and keep his promises within us. This part of the book is my favorite part 🙏🏼✨

This year has been a tough one so I am hoping this review helps someone & that they go and grab the book. I am so glad a friend gifted this to me. 😊 Let me know if you have read it and what your thoughts are? I have some other books to read on my list. I love reading, but I’ve been so busy that I hardly have the time to get to the books on my list!